Acting Through a Process, Driving For Perfection, Performing With a Passion

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Acting Classes
Acting Classes
Acting Classes

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reneeWalk onto a Broadway production and you’ll probably ask yourself, “How did these actors get where they are today?” For some, acting is a gift. For others, acting doesn’t come so naturally. The good news is that whether you were born a child prodigy, or whether you’ve never acted a day in your life, Renee’s Studio can help you achieve your acting dreams. Renee’s approach teaches acting as a craft with a process. By familiarizing students with many different techniques, Renee provides actors of all caliber with the tools they need to be successful in any role. From helping a child perform well in their school play, to college conservatory, to Broadway or the silver screen, Renee’s Studio teaches the finer points of improvisation, monologue, auditioning, and even writing and producing original works. There is something for everyone at Renee’s Studio. Get ready to become a star!



Renee’s Studio: Acting through a Process, Driving for Perfection, Performing with a Passion. Acting Classes & Performance Coach.